Best White Cowboy Boots Picks

If you are a country outfit lover and perhaps you’re wondering if white cowboy boots will go out of style in 2022, the answer is no! What’s good about the cowboy trend is that there’s a style for everyone unless you don’t fancy white but who doesn’t like a neutral color that goes with all clothes in their wardrobe? Read on for guidelines on the best white cowboy boots pick.

There are various cowboy boots to choose from, such as tall boots, ankle boots and thigh-high boots, tank top soles with stiletto heels, city chic cowboy boots. These fashionable boots come in distinctive lengths that influencers, fashion connoisseurs, and models on the runaway find trendy, not to mention all the boots you see everywhere on IG.

Cowboy boots are an essential piece of clothing and a great fashion option since they help you feel more confident. Not only do they show those around you that you have a great sense of style, but you’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go. As years go by, white cowboy boots are still a popular fashion choice. 

Background of white cowboy boots

Cowboy boots, also known as riding boots, were initially made for cowboys. They comprised a stiletto traditionally built from stacked cowhide leather or “exotic” leathers such as snakes, alligators, buffalos, eel, ostrich, lizards, etc. 

Cowboy boots were generally made from cowhide leather. They were handcrafted decoratively, rounded with a pointed toe, a high leg, with no lacing. Cowboy boots are available in two basic styles: Roper and Western or classic cowboy boots.

The modern cowboy boots are manufactured with various raw materials such as buffalo, cowhide, snakeskin, alligator, ostrich, and eel. It’s incredible to see the evolution of the cowboy boot over the years as a regular boot designed for riding mules and horses to shoes that have become the core footwear that is a must-have in your wardrobe!

White Cowboy Boot Recommendations

Knee-High cowboy boots

Knee-High cowboy boots

These cowboy boots ensure warmth and protect you from the cold during the winter months. And then, such as fall and spring approaches, they help you move from season to season as you start pairing them with lighter attires.


  • They are stylish
  • They are ideal for cold weather and chilly evenings.


  • Might not be everyone’s style

Western or Classic cowboy boots

Western or Classic cowboy boots

The classic style has a high boot shank, which reaches at least mid-calf, with a slanted “cowboy” heel, typically over an inch high. A slightly lower and still tilted “walking” heel is common also. The tip of these classy boots was historically rounded or squared. The narrow-ended design emerged at the beginning of the 1940s.


  • They have safety features important when riding a horse
  • They are an excellent choice for people who love wearing stilettos
  • They are available in a wide range of heights


  • Not suitable for an official setting

The roper cowboy boots

The roper cowboy boots

This style is a new design comprising a short boot shank stopping right between the ankle and the mid-calf, with a pretty low and square heel formed at the sole of the cowboy boot, generally about an inch in height. 

Roper boots are typically built with rounded toes, but we see designs with a square toe correlated with the streetwear’s style changes. The Roper style is also crafted with a lace-up design, often fitting better and less likely to slip, but the lacing provides safety concerns while riding. 


  • Comfortable heel for long strolls
  • They are available in some decorative stitching.
  • Their laces prevent you from slipping.
  • It helps you run faster.


  • Not suitable for an official setting.

The parker cowboy boots

The parker cowboy boots

The Packer is a lace-up stiletto cowboy boot designed for riding horses and mules in a mountainous area. 

The laces hold the boot securely in position, giving your ankle extra support, which is extremely useful when you regularly jump up and down on the uneven ground. Packers resemble other lace-up work boots, but they are sophisticated. Their higher heel makes a noticeable difference between the Packers boots and other boots.


  • They are ideal for riding in mountainous terrain
  • They give your ankle extra support
  • They are elegant


  • Not suitable for an official setting

Cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boots are cowboy boots made specifically for women available in women’s sizes and, in other cases, designs and colors considered “feminine.” Besides that, there is no significant difference between cowboy and cowgirl boots.


  • They come in a wide range of variations.
  • They are ideal for people who like the feminine look.


  • The style might not be for everyone.

Handmade boots

Handmade boots

Interestingly, the boots and shoes manufacturing industries were among the least industrialized in the United States. Unlike other shoe types, Cowboy boots are still handcrafted by many manufacturers. Amidst cowboy boot connoisseurs, handmade, and machine-made cowboy boots are similar. 

With cowboy boots, many artisans have not yet given in. While handcrafted cowboy boots are a lot more expensive, there are still handcrafted cowboy boots that cost less than the ones made by machine. And there is a wide range of handmade boots too, which means they are designed partly by machine and partly by hand. 


  • They are classic
  • They are elegant
  • They are a bit cheaper than machine-made ones


  • They are a bit expensive compared to other cowboy boots types
  • They are hard to find

Ankle boots

Ankle boots

Technically, ankle boots are suitable for any season, but spring and fall are the ideal seasons that primarily guarantee their use. 


  • They are only ideal for the spring and fall seasons
  • You can wear it either for a formal or a casual look.


  • The style of the boot might not be for everyone.

How to style these white cowboy boots

A cardigan, jeans, and cowgirl boots

A blue fur cardigan and a pair of rugged blue jeans are great combos to add to your casual lineup. Compliment the outfit with white cowgirl boots for an unofficial and cool look.

Blazer, white dress, and ankle boots

Blazer, white dress, and ankle boots

If you’re into the classic look, go for a pair of white cowboy ankle boots, a black and white printed blazer, and a white dress. The pair of cowboy ankle boots is an easy way to add an extra flair to your look. 

Cardigan, mini skirt, and fashion cowboy boots

Pair a dark green sleeveless cardigan with a dotted polka dot mini skirt for a more stylish look for a laid-back and laid-back feel. Complement your style with white fashion cowboy boots.

Midi dress, dress shirt, and high-knee boots

 A tan midi dress with a light yellow dress shirt is ideal when you don’t have time to dress up. If you don’t have the time, try a pair of white high-knee cowboy boots. 

 Pair a hot pink woolen turtleneck with black cycling shorts for a more casual look for a laid-back and relaxed vibe. Throw a pair of white western cowboy boots on to complete your look.

My opinion on white cowboy boots

Wearing white cowboy boots shows that you are a confident person. They are a unique and mighty fashion statement that requires you to have a great fashion sense of self to wear. If someone walks in white cowboy boots, be sure that they know who they are.

How you can keep these boots clean

cowboy boots

The cowboy boots’ primary material is leather; therefore, these elegant boots are a big purchase. Some regular cleaning and conditioning now and then will extend the life of your pair of cowboy boots. Follow the steps below to breathe new life into your favorite worn boots: 

Step 1: Remove the boot’s laces

Gently pull out the laces if you realize they’re need cleaning and if worn out, ensure you replace them. It’s a simple and affordable way to breathe new life into your cowboy boots! 

Step 2: Remove Caked-on Mud and Dirt

Brush off debris using a soft piece of cloth or soft brush. 

Step 3: Apply soap and water

Mix lukewarm water and liquid dish soap in a bowl. Soak a soft piece of cloth in it, squeeze it out, and scrub the outer part of the boot. 

Step 4: Rinse the boots

Using a clean piece of cloth, gently rinse the boots with clean water to eliminate the soapy mixture on the boots. 

 Step 5: Dry your boots

With the help of a dry and clean piece of clothing, wipe off as much moisture as you possibly can. Let the cowboy boots dry slowly.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat as you clean to prevent the boot from discoloring or cracking. This may take approximately 48 hours. 

Step 6: Warm the footwear slightly

Before conditioning, heat the boots with either indirect sunlight or a hairdryer.

Step 7: Leather Conditions


Protects shoes from any stains and also makes them shiny. Apply putty, boot oil, wax, or leather conditioner according to the package directions. Let the boot sit for up to 15 minutes. Then polish your boots with a clean piece of cloth until they are shiny!

Other helpful tips for the care of boots:

Boot storage

Store your boots to give them time to breathe. It’s best if you store them uprightly. Consider placing the cider tree inside. Cedar trees help suck in moisture and help in maintaining the original shape of the boot, preventing your toes from curling. Keeping the cowboy boots away from bright, damp places will ensure they stay for an extended period without fading. 

What to do if your boots are wet 

If your boots are wet, absorb the excess water with a dry towel, then give them time to dry naturally. Avoid using heat to make the drying process faster. Once dry after a few days, condition carefully.

Boot Soles Care

If the soles are scarred or discolored, use piping to cover each boot’s sole. Use the same brush that came with your beading bottle and scrub the boot’s sole with quick, soft strokes. Wipe off excess stains with a delicate piece of cloth and give it time to dry.


Question: Can a woman wear cowboy boots?

Answer: A woman who decides to wear cowboy boots is confident, daring, and isn’t afraid of standing out. These unique and noticeable boots are designed for a woman who is comfortable drawing too much attention to themselves and confident enough to follow this powerful fashion sense.

Question: Which cowboy boot type is the most comfortable?

Answer: There is nothing like a more comfortable cowboy boot type than others. Everyone’s feet are different, and what is considered suitable for someone may not be good for another. To get a comfortable cowboy boot, you will need to try it for yourself.

Question: Which cowboy boot is the most popular?

Answer: According to an Amazon sales report, the cowboy type that’s most popular based on its high demand is the Western cowboy boot. Interestingly, a wide, square-toed Western work boot ranks number one on Amazon’s bestseller and “most wanted” lists.


Now that you have gone through our article on the best white cowboy boot picks, you understand more about why these neutral-colored boots are an excellent choice. When cowboys boots were a West’s feature, the boots weren’t meant for walking. Their practical purpose was to allow men to comfortably ride their mules and horses for long periods without slipping. 

In the 1980s, there was an urban shift in cowboy boots fashion and country music popularity. The cowboy boots’ purpose shifted from practical to fashion. There’s no denying it: when someone walks in with a nice pair of white cowboy boots that goes with any attire, they leave a lasting impression. So what do you think about white cowboy boots? Do you already own a pair? Or are you busy ordering a pair right now? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Shopping!

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