6 Best Womens V Neck Sweater Ideas To Love

Sweaters are a garment that is generally used to cover the upper half of the body. One of their main characteristics, and what makes them different from t-shirts, is that sweaters have long sleeves, so this coverage includes the arms. Depending on the collar, sometimes the cover can even extend to the neck.

Formerly, people made sweaters with cotton or wool. Today, people use all kinds of fabrics to make sweaters. Whatever the case, another of the sweater’s main features has prevailed over time: they are usually crocheted or knitted .

Most people use sweaters to keep themselves warm and to protect themselves from the chilly days. The sweater can achieve this by a combination of its design and the materials used.

For their design, people can wear sweaters as they would wear a t-shirt, pulling it over their head, but sweaters can also have buttons. For the material, cotton and wool are thick fabrics that help to deliver the sweater’s main objective.

All the people you know have probably worn a sweater at some point in their life. They are necessary and are, in fact, the most used garment in fall and winter.

Women, men, and children wear sweaters. People of all ages wear sweaters. But they aren’t just a functional garment — they also work as a fashion statement.

As stated before, they are one of the most used upper garments, along with the basic t-shirt. So, of course, we care about how we look when using them and if the sweater design is trending or not.

That is why today, we will bring you the most exhausting research on sweaters. We will answer some questions like: 

  • What are the best sweaters? 
  • What is the best fabric? 
  • How can I style my V-neck sweater?

We will even teach you how to choose the best sweater. Then, we will show you our final pick on V-neck sweaters and why we did pick them. Excited to learn more? Then keep on reading!

Who Exactly Invented the Sweater?


Before we dive into how to pick out and style your V-neck sweater, we’ll first start with the history of the garment. After all, we’re going to talk about sweaters. The wisest thing to do is to know who invented them and when, right?

In the past, sweaters were usually crocheted or knitted by hand. Some records report this technique has existed for over two thousand years, even before the Common Era. It’s hard to know accurately When all of this started, though, since the yarn is biodegradable

It means all examples of a knitting technique were almost at the edge of disintegration when historians and scientists found them. This tiny factor makes it hard for historians to discover examples of knitting over the years.

When we talk about knitting, we refer to the technique where someone uses two needles to loop yarn and make stitches to create a fabric. People can make this with a machine or by hand.

Historians found the earliest examples of clothes made with knitting alike techniques around 300 BCE in Peru and Egypt. We say “knitting alike” because people made these earlier examples with one needle instead of two.

This technique is called Nålbinding , and for a long time, historians thought that these examples were of a knitting technique.

Historians have some hypotheses about how and who created knitting, and that’s the fun part about history! They think that maybe knitting started as a way to make fishnets .

It makes sense if you think about it, all these cavemen trying to fish with enormous fishnets. Perhaps it all started as a way to survive, and look how much of that has changed.

Some other historians think that knitting could also be invented by Arab people throughout the Islamic Conquest , especially nomads and sailors. Then, knitting rapidly was known in other parts across the globe. At first, circumvent continents like North Africa and then Europe.

However, knitting in Europe was almost exclusively for rich people or people with status like the royal family or the Catholic Church. Besides, people usually knitted small things, like purses, gloves, pillows, stockings.

Decorative stuff, and we can’t really blame them! Knitting a whole sweater is a lot of work. Other than that, European fabric was too soft and delicate for that kind of task.

Centuries went by, and we know that by the 14th century, knitting was already widespread. Proof of this is the several paintings of women knitting, including, of course, the Virgin Mary. Those were called ” knitting Madonnas ,” and they were popular among German and Italian painters. 

Historians consider these paintings are evidence of knitting being accepted, especially among upper-class women. In the 15 century, another achievement was people starting to use the verb ” knit .” This word made its first appearance in the by that time famous Oxford Unabridged Dictionary.

People Started Using Knitting to Make Sweaters

Because of the factors stated before (yarn is biodegradable and harsh climate changes through the years damage it), it’s been hard to unfold the history of the sweater. Historians estimate that in some time between the 1400s and the 1800s, women started to use knitting for more large pieces like sweaters. 

Different styles of sweaters already existed by the 1800s. Examples of this are the cardigan , turtleneck , and crewneck . The V-neck is more recent, and that is what we’re going to talk about right now.

The V-Neck is Invented

The history of the classic V-neck ties with the history of another upper garment: the t-shirt. But, because this is about the V-neck sweater, we’ll only explain it briefly. From 1900 to 1920, most collars used in t-shirts and sweaters were the crewneck and the cardigan. 

Some sweaters had a V-neck, but it wasn’t considered one style as its own. The only sweater with a V-neck was the “pullover sweater.” It was a sweater essentially used by men.

However, from 1920 to 1960, fashion started to change bit by bit. There was a peak in the ’50s, where brands were experimenting with new patterns and designs.

At that time, t-shirts were bland. They were commonly white, and men used it as an undergarment. By the 1960s, that all changed. One of the significant changes to the t-shirt had been the addition of the V-neck. The change in the sweater collar cam later.

The V-neck gets its name because it forms an actual “V” letter at the neckline. Today, the V-neck has evolved. The length of the V is different depending on the sweater. Sometimes the end of the V can be a little bit longer, making a trapezoid.

As you can see, V-neck sweaters have come a long way, from knitting to knit sweaters and the invention of the V necklineNow, you can consider yourself an expert when talking about this.

We think you’re ready to talk about how to choose the best V-neck sweater. Then, we will show you the best V-neck sweater ideas.

How to Choose the Best V Neck Sweater

Usually, when someone searches for a new sweater to buy, experts recommend paying attention to a few main criteria: 

  • the design
  • the fabric
  • the color
  • the size

Today, we will take a closer look at these important factors.

The Design of the Sweater

When we talk about the model, we talk about all the stuff that shapes clothes. Do you know all the parts of the sweater? If not, let’s learn them quickly. They are the:

  • collar
  • sleeve
  • Cuff

Or at least those are the most basic ones. People who enjoy sewing usually talk about the anatomy of the sweater in greater detail and include the:

  • Shoulder
  • huh
  • body

But it’s not necessary to learn all of that if you’re only choosing a sweater. You will only need to know the most basic ones.

For example, the most used cut when we talk about sweaters is the straight cut. We can recognize it thanks to its linear shape in the hemline and the cuffs. It’s an ageless classic. It’s easy to find how you want your sweater to be in those parts because most sweaters have that cut.

On the other hand, there’s more variety when talking about collars , which include: 

  • V-neck
  • Crew neck
  • Polo collar
  • turtleneck
  • Rolled collar

However, since we will be focusing on the V-neck, we will leave this knowledge about most collars for another day.

The V-neck is one of the more traditional types of collar. It’s relatively new when compared to its other peers. But, at the same time, it has become famous, and it has already settled as a classic. It’s impressive. It’s effortless and chic, and those are some of the reasons that made the V-neck so successful.

The Fabric of the Sweater

It’s one of the relevant factors, along with the model. Over time, you can see fashion change. We already know that the first sweaters ever created were handmade and with yarn. Yarn is made with raw fibers of cotton or wool, and at least that part hasn’t changed that much. 

However, fashion is constantly evolving to make clothes more durable, and because of that necessity, synthetic started appearing. Now you might ask, which one is better? Should you pick natural fibers or synthetic ones? 

Experts consider natural fibers the best choice when we are about to choose a sweater. For example, cotton is softer, and it helps to control your body temperature. It is also absent of chemicals, so it’s the best choice for people with sensitive skin.

For now, we will explain the most used fabrics designers use to make sweaters. That way, you can choose whatever fabric adapts more to you and your style. These include:

  1. Cotton. This is the most used and well-known one. It’s lightweight, soft, and durable. It has been maintained as a favorite over the years, even if manufacturers have invented new fabrics. Designers wear cotton to make informal or formal clothes. This is one of the main reasons for cotton is still as popular as decades ago.
  2. Sheep’s wool. Also simply called wool , it’s probably the second most used fabric when making sweaters. There is a lot of variety, and depending on these, the result can be comfortable. If you want to opt for sheep’s wool, you have to be conscious this fabric is thicker. It’ll be better to buy a sweater of this fabric if you want to wear it for winter.
  3. Cashmere. This is a natural fiber, famous for being luxurious. Almost everyone who knows about fabrics considers it one of the world’s most valuable fibers, especially for designers when making sweaters. It is lighter, softer, and can prevent the loss of heat (ie, keep you warm) three times more than sheep’s wool. The main disadvantage of this fabric is how expensive it is. So, if you can actually afford it, cashmere is a good option.

  4. Linen Linen fabric is the oldest textile fiber in history. Before cotton and wool, linen was the first vegetable fiber accepted in the textile industry. Just so you can imagine how old linen is, hear this. Egyptians used to wrap their mummies in linen cloth! Today, it is considered a natural and sustainable fiber. The main disadvantage is the cultivation and production process. The fiber is expensive to make, and this puts at a higher price on the fabric.

  5. Mixed fabrics. Manufacturers make this type of fabric when they blend two or more fibers to create a whole new textile fabric. Today, lots of clothes have mixed textiles . Common examples of blended fabrics are cotton and polyester, wool and polyester, wool and cotton, linen and cotton, nylon and wool. Manufacturers who make types of fabric use this technique of blending to improve fabric properties.

The Color of the Sweater

When choosing a new type of clothes to buy, it’s essential to give the correct importance to the color . Most people pick the color based on their favorite one, and that’s okay! We all have done that at one point. 

Still, we have to care about how the color looks against our skin tone . For example, women with the fairest skin look good on cold tones like blue, purple, and pink. Fashionists don’t recommend any other tones like gold, orange, and beige for people with fair skin. However, they look just fine in light-skinned women. 

The key is to find the balance between a color you like and a color that looks good on you. This advice is more of a fashionable choice, but it helps.

Even so, if you really prefer some shade and it goes against the rules because of your skin tone, don’t take it seriously. After all, it is fashion, and fashion is supposed to be fun. If you still don’t know which color you prefer, classic ones include black, white, gray, or dark blue.

The Size of the Sweater

You probably know your size already, but the importance of this point made us add it to the list. When buying a sweater online (or any clothing), there is always the fear that it will run small or run big. Most brands have their measures with their specific sizes on their website. 

The dimensions you need for a sweater are:

  • Shoulder
  • bust
  • sleeve length

Especially if you’re not sure about your size, you can measure yourself and write it down. It comes in handy also having a size conversion table . Most brands rule with the S, M, and L sizes, but other brands have their sizes in numbers, like 1, 3, or 5.

What Are The Best Women’s V Neck Sweater Ideas?

Sweaters are a relatively new invention, and in all that time, their design hasn’t changed that much. They’re usually oversized and made to be comfortable.

Today, we bring you some models that we think you’ll enjoy.

Our Selection Criteria

Before diving entirely into pretty V-neck sweaters, you have to know what specific criteria we considered to make our final pick. Those were affordability, fabric, color, style, and size. They’re similar to the factors stated before, but not quite, and we’ll show you why. Let’s get started!

  • Affordability. It was the main criteria we took into account when choosing these sweaters. Most of them cost about $100, and some even fall in the “under $100” category.
  • Manufacture Did you guess it yet? This was the second factor we considered. We tried to find a balance between high-quality fibers and affordable clothes. We hope we achieved it!
  • Color The more variety in colors, the more chances a specific sweater had to make it tho the list. Not every woman has the same skin tone or the same favorite color for their clothes.
  • Style. Besides the V-neck sweaters, we love classic designs. They are timeless and go well with every body type. Also, they can be formal or informal, depending on what you match them with. But don’t worry! We also added modern designs, so you have room from where to pick.
  • Sizes. Only one size clothes? Not on our list. All of the sweaters on it include the broad size spectrum.

Some of the sweaters on this list of synthetic fabrics. Believe us, when deciding on the picks, we didn’t know what to do! You see, we were becoming between recommending 100% natural fiber sweaters or giving a little space to synthetic fibers. 

Most of the natural fiber ones were above $150 and up to $500. We also took that into consideration. Now, let’s get to our picks!

Out From Under Jada Slouchy V-Neck Sweater

We decided this Urban Outfitters clothing was a great way to start this list. It has the classic features of a sweater while adding an original touch with the textured fabric. You can even match it with a pair of shorts of the same type of fiber!


  • The sweater has a textured knit-a-like fabric.
  • It has pretty raglan sleeves.
  • It has an oversized fit.
  • It’s available in three colors: Lime, Black, and Ivory.
  • The sweater has 52% Polyester and 48% Cotton.
  • It is available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • You can wash it on the machine.


  • The fabric’s texture is not for everyone.
  • It hasn’t that much color variety.

H&M Knit V-neck Sweater

H&M Knit V-neck Sweater

H&M never fails to amaze us. They always deliver beautiful clothes at affordable prices, and why we chose to include them in this list. 

While searching for V-neck sweaters, we came across this piece. It’s classic and simple. If you’re looking for a nice sweater that doesn’t cost that much, but at the same time it has good quality, this might be a good option.


  • It’s available in seven colors: black, gray, beige, light beige, white, sage green, and pink.
  • The sweater is Acrylic 41%, Polyester 52%, Wool 4%, and Elastane 3%.
  • It’s available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
  • It has a ribbing detail at the hems and the cuff.
  • It has a very affordable price: in some colors, the sweater has more than 50% discount.
  • User reviews say it runs a little large. This is perfect for women who like oversized sweaters.


  • Because of the affordable price, most of the sizes sell out quickly.
  • It has a mixed fabric, and some of them are synthetic. 

Topshop Petite Fluffy Ballet Wrap Top in Ivory

This one is a sweater with a unique style . It’s white and fluffy. It’s also a little shorter in length when compared to others in this list, making it look more like a crop top that you can wear alone without a t-shirt underneath.


  • It comes with a tie waist.
  • It’s more like a crop top than a classic sweater. It makes it look more modern.
  • The fabric has 53% Polyester and 47% Acrylic. 
  • It also has a cute fluffy texture and lightweight knit.
  • It comes in four sizes: XS, S, M, and L.
  • You can wash it on the machine.


  • It only comes in one color.
  • It’s made of synthetic fabrics.

Everlane The Cashmere V-Neck

Everlane The Cashmere V-Neck

This Cashmere V-neck sweater is lightweight and smooth. You can wear it with a t-shirt underneath or alone. 

It’s not as modern as the others on this list, but it’s an ageless classic, and that’s why we decided to include it. Every woman should have at least one simple black sweater in her wardrobe.


  • It comes in four colors: Black, Ivory, Heather Grey, and Dark Navy.
  • The body’s sweater fabric is 100% Grade A Cashmere. For the trimmings: 90% Grade A Cashmere, 1% Elastane, and 9% Nylon.
  • It has a variety of sizes: XXS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • Most user reviews agree the fit is perfect, and the fabric is of good quality.


  • You can’t wash it on the machine because it will damage the fabric. 
  • Due to high demand, it often goes out of stock.

Wilfred Free Souvenir Sweater

Wilfred Free Souvenir Sweater

Wilfred Free takes pride in saying this sweater was knitted with recyclable materials and sustainable fabrics. It’s also an excellent option if you like oversized sweaters.


  • It has ribbed details at the hem and cuffs.
  • The sweater’s body has 39% polyester, 51% viscose, 9% nylon, and 1% elastane.
  • It comes in three sizes.
  • It has an oversized fit. So, even if you pick the right size, it will run big.
  • You can match it with pants made of the same fabric.
  • It comes in four colors: Birch, Heather Gray Taupe, Silent Storm Green, and Black.


  • You can’t wash it on the machine because it will damage the fabric. You’ll have to hand wash it.
  • The sweater is really oversized, so if you don’t like your sweaters to be that way, this might not be the one for you.

H&M Knit Wrapover Sweater

Another H&M sweater! This one is a bit more modern than the other one, but it still has a delicate style. One thing to point is that the sweater’s body is made of acrylic, a fabric known for its durability and resistance.


  • The design is beautiful and modern.
  • It has a wrap front with a cute knit by the side.
  • The fabric is 100% Acrylic.
  • It has subtle ribbing details on the hem and the cuffs.
  • It’s an affordable sweater.
  • It comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • You can wash it on the machine.


  • It only comes in black color.
  • The sweater is made of synthetic fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is The Best Brand to Buy Sweaters?

Answer: As with everything in fashion, most of the time it’s not about the best place, but about the best type of clothes that are sold in that place.

There are brands like: 
& Other Stories

They are famous for having good quality sweaters. However, some brands like H&M are known worldwide. They provide the public with all types of clothes, including men’s clothes or child clothes, while also selling sweaters. 

Other brands like Nakedcashmere sell mostly cardigans (and sweaters!) So it all depends. If you have a favorite brand, you can search if they sell V-neck sweaters. That way, it’ll be easier for you to choose since you already trust the brand.

Question: Should I Buy Sweaters a Size Up?

Answer: This theme and questions related to the size of outer garments have always been up to debate. The logic behind it is to buy a sweater or jacket a size bigger so you can wear something underneath without being too tight.

Still, good brands know this already, and they make outer garments a tiny bit larger so they can accommodate that. 

When in doubt, you can go and buy your sweater in a physical store. If you can’t go and try on the clothes, you can always look up the sizes’ measures. That way, you will be sure your sweater fits you well, either with something underneath or not.

Question: Which Is The Best Fabric For a Sweater?

Answer: If you paid attention to the history of the sweater (and we’re sure you did!) You could see that natural fibers have prevailed over the years.
Even when synthetic fabrics appeared, natural ones like cotton, wool, or cashmere were maintained as the best option. Experts say the best option will always be a natural fiber since it helps the sweater fulfill its central objective, ie, to keep us warm. 

Besides, these recommendations are also for your comfort. Synthetic fabrics are not as breathable and comfortable as cotton, for example.

Even if they look like the best option (especially with the promise that polyester lasts longer), it’s something that doesn’t pay off in the long run. However, most sweaters with natural fibers are expensive. 

So, before buying the first polyester sweater you see, a better idea is to see the advantages and disadvantages of those fabrics. You can also save up money and invest in a good cotton sweater.

Question: How Do I Choose a Sweater?

Answer: Most of the tips for choosing a sweater are above in this article. The most important ones are picking a design, the size, the color, and the fabric. With all of that, you can maneuver and make a good pick. 

Another thing you could also take into account is the reason behind wanting a sweater. If it’s winter, the factor that should give more importance to is the fabric. It has to be thick and comfortable.

If you choose a sweater just out of a fashion choice, it’s probably better if the fabric is lighter. Also, in that case, the design and the color will be more relevant.

Buying a new sweater it’s an arduous task, but it can be a lot easier if you follow those guidelines.

Question: How Do You Know If The Sweater Fits?

Answer: That’s a good question! Several guidelines help us know when a sweater is fitting correctly. It’s something that has a lot to do with your body and how the clothes accommodate around it. Add rules include:
– The shoulder seam needs to be directly on top where your shoulder bone ends.
– The body has to fit you well, but as stated before, it has to suit comfortably enough to wear with a t-shirt underneath.
– For the sleeves, they should end right at the base of the thumb.

Conclusion: Best Women’s V Neck Sweater Ideas

There are a lot of steps to take your way to buying a new sweater. Hopefully, we’ve made this easy for you in this article. We answered some of the most frequent questions about sweaters, like:

  • When were they invented? 
  • How do I choose the best V-neck sweater for myself? 
  • Which fabric is the best? 

We also went further and selected different sweaters for you to choose from. We went from classic to modern, from neutral colors to vibrant ones. It’s all in this article.

If we were to choose one, we pick the Everlane The Cashmere V-Neck Sweater. It’s classic and pretty. It has a stylish black color. The best of all, it’s made with 100% Cashmere fabric while also being affordable.

In any way, we hope this has been helpful in your way to finding (and buying!) your new V-neck sweater.


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