9 Red Jumpsuit Ideas and Inspiration

The news is in: we’re in love with jumpsuits. They’re comfy, chic, and are appropriate for practically every occasion. But many people don’t know exactly how to wear a jumpsuit, especially in a bold color such as red. Here, we will share some of our favorite red jumpsuit looks and additional tips.

Tips When Wearing a Jumpsuit

Before we go into our favorite red jumpsuit looks, here are some tips to know.

Accentuate Your Figure

While jumpsuits are comfortable, wearing the wrong jumpsuit will only take away from your figure. On certain body types, a baggy jumpsuit will hide your lovely curves. On other body types, a tight jumpsuit will hug your body a little too much. Identify your figure and find out which jumpsuit works best for your body.

For example, blouson jumpsuits look great on apple figures, while an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit looks best on pear figures. If you’re short, wear a slim-fitting jumpsuit. If you’re on the taller side, wear a wide-leg jumpsuit.

Know the Perfect Fit

In short, you don’t want to wear a jumpsuit that’s too tight or loose. Your jumpsuit should make you look polished and be comfortable to wear all day. It’s best to try jumpsuits from different brands and stores. You’ll also want to experiment with different sizes until you find the right one.

Buy the Right Length

You don’t want your jumpsuit to be too long or too short.

woman wearing red jumpsuit

Always find a jumpsuit that works with your height. You’ll also want to consider if you will wear your jumpsuit with flats or heels, which will also affect the jumpsuit length. If you buy a jumpsuit that’s too long, we suggest getting it hemmed. Taller women should definitely wear jumpsuits that cover their whole legs, while petite women can get away with wearing cropped jumpsuits.

Wearing a Jumpsuit to the Office and Special Occasions

Are jumpsuits appropriate to wear to the office and other special occasions? Even though jumpsuits are famously comfy clothes, you can dress up your jumpsuit for different occasions.
If you want to wear your jumpsuit to the office, wear a blazer with it. If it’s cold, wear a jacket or sweater that coincides with your office’s dress code.
Jumpsuits are also great to wear to formal events, considering they’re an appropriate style.
The color of your jumpsuit matters. For example, a bright red jumpsuit is usually not appropriate for a formal event, but you can opt for a maroon jumpsuit instead. The way you dress up your jumpsuit also matters. For example, you’ll want to pair it with heels, a designer handbag, and exquisite jewelry.

Choosing the Right Shade of Red

For most, darker shades of red look best in a jumpsuit. Darker colors are slimming and look amazing on practically every figure. These include maroon, garnet, merlot, wine, mahogany, sangria, berry, and currant are all great colors. I personally have a maroon jumpsuit, and it’s one of my favorite jumpsuits ever.
You can also lean closer to brown with colors such as brick. That doesn’t mean brighter shades of red don’t look good as a jumpsuit, they’re just more daring. If you want a summer red jumpsuit, definitely consider a color like blush, which is a mix of red and pink.

Wearing a Jumpsuit for every Season

Traditionally, jumpsuits are long pants and short-sleeved. However, you can easily make one jumpsuit appropriate for every season. You can wear the jumpsuit alone in the spring and summer and wear a jacket or coat over it in the fall and winter. For fall, choose flats instead of sandals. For winter, wear boots or sneakers.

What to Wear With a Red Jumpsuit?

Now that you know vital tips wearing a red jumpsuit, how do you style one? Here are a few recommendations.


The smaller, the better! Clutch bags and small purses are the best options. With the intensity of a red jumpsuit, you want it to take center stage. Choose a small purse or clutch in a subtle color, such as white or black. If you want to be bold, choose a purse in a different color, such as blue. Again, keep it subtle.


Heels, heels, heels! Heels look absolutely amazing with red. While most will choose their favorite pair of black heels, gold heels also look amazing with red.

But what if you don’t like heels? I’m personally not a fan of heels at all. I personally love wearing sandals with jumpsuits. Sandals are so comfy, and they’re perfect for the summer. I do suggest you stick to chic sandals in colors such as gold. If it’s cold, then plain white sneakers will give you the sporty look while keeping your feet warm.


When it comes to jewelry, the more subtle, the better. Again, we want the red jumpsuit to take center stage here. That doesn’t mean your jewelry can’t be chic. White pearls, dangling earrings, and anything gold looks lovely with a red jumpsuit. For a bolder look, wear red jewelry that matches your jumpsuit.

Other Accessories

Red is a fun color, so break up the intensity with other fun accessories. If your jumpsuit is too big, wear a belt to show off your curves. Gold, brown, and black belts all look great. For a bolder look, choose an animal-print belt. Finish off your accessories with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Red Jumpsuit Ideas We Love

Ready for some red jumpsuit inspiration? Here are our favorite red jumpsuit looks.

Unique Jumpsuit

I absolutely love the neckline of the jumpsuit! It’s a one-shoulder jumpsuit and there are two layers overlapping each other. This simple design makes the jumpsuit look so much more elegant. @a_roman_girl_in_miami also looks absolutely lovely in this shade of red.

Velvet Jumpsuit

I absolutely love velvet and this jumpsuit is so chic! Velvet is such an elegant material and the color in red makes it look absolutely gorgeous. The long-sleeve design also makes this jumpsuit look very warm, so it’s perfect for the fall and even for the holidays. I can totally see myself wearing this out with friends or on a date. Image by @cristillani_official.

Party Time


@priyanka_aggarwal_ looks like she’s about to emerge on the town with this jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has wide legs and bat-wing arms, though the jumpsuit looks very feminine in its red color. She’s wearing a red belt/tie around her waist to show off her figure. Her other accessories include black shoes and gold jewelry.



I absolutely love the lace detailing on this jumpsuit worn by @flostyling (the designer is @luxbybecca). The jumpsuit is long-sleeved but looks light enough to wear during the spring or summer. She’s only wearing subtle jewelry to show off the jumpsuit. It’s totally chic but also looks extremely comfortable.

So 70s


This custom jumpsuit that @rileyknoxx is wearing screams the 70s. The jumpsuit is red with a sparkling design. Threads hang off the sleeves, making this jumpsuit look more glamorous than the ones our favorite rockstars would wear. The length is slightly cropped and she finishes the outfit with red heels.

Blush Jumpsuit


When we think of red, we often think of a true, candy red. However, red has multiple shades, such as blush. Blush is this lovely color that’s a mix between red and pink. I especially love the design of this jumpsuit. The jumpsuit wraps around the waist, accentuating any figure. Jumpsuit by @theevanreidboutique.



I really envy people who can wear off-the-shoulder tops. I keep wanting to pull the sleeves up! Regardless, @ptk_closet is making a statement with this jumpsuit. As stated previously, this is an off-the-shoulder red jumpsuit that looks perfect to wear during the holidays, when out on a date, or simply when you have somewhere to go.

Dress Jumpsuit


I like to call these jumpsuits “dress jumpsuits” because the leg is so wide, it almost looks like a dress. Especially this jumpsuit worn by @wildthingvintage, which looks totally 60s to me. The front has a zipper that can zip really low if you want to show off some skin. Or you can keep it zipped for a more conversation look.

Comfy and Chic

Looking at this red jumpsuit that @morrellsarmoire is wearing, it’s so cute and comfy that it looks like something I would wear to the airport. Yes, I love wearing jumpsuits to the airport.

She’s sitting down so you can’t see it too well, but I notice it ties in the middle and there are pockets. How much better can you get? She pairs the jumpsuit with tan clunky heels and what she calls her “gameday” bag.


Question: Which Body Type Looks Best in a Jumpsuit?

Answer: Hourglass, that’s because they fit snugly at the waist, fit at the top, and flare out slightly at the legs. But honestly just about anyone can look amazing in a jumpsuit. Women with athletic figures especially can pull off a jumpsuit that fits tightly.

Question: Are There More Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit?

Answer: Absolutely! You can wear a shirt under or over the jumpsuit or wear a sweater over it. I have a few jumpsuits that are too tight on me. I simply wear a t-shirt, sweater, or oversized jacket over them to disguise the fact that the jumpsuit is too tight. Here are 15 ways to style a jumpsuit. There are even more ways to style a jumpsuit. YouTuber My Green Closet has some great recommendations.

Question: Why Is It Called a Jumpsuit?

Answer: There’s actually an interesting reason why it’s called the jumpsuit. That’s because the clothing item derives from skydivers and parachuters. The jumpsuit stays secure when these professionals jump from planes. Because of the sturdiness, other professionals in dangerous work also adopted this suit.

Question: Do I Have to Take the Jumpsuit Off When I Go to the Bathroom?

Answer: One of the funniest downsides of wearing a jumpsuit is you practically have to take the whole thing off when you use the bathroom. Unfortunately, there is no easier way to go to the bathroom with a jumpsuit or romper on. Simply remove the top part of the jumpsuit, drop it down to your legs, use the bathroom, and lift the jumpsuit back up.

Question: What Is a Romper?

Answer: A romper is similar to a jumpsuit, except rompers are shorts and not long pants. You can find rompers in all lengths, but most of the ones I have end mid-thigh. Most rompers are also sleeveless or short-sleeve, though I had a long-sleeve romper once.

Question: Is a Jumper a Jumpsuit?

Answer: Okay, so funny fact, I thought a jumper was only the name the British gave a pull-over sweater. However, overall dresses are also called jumpers.

These jumpers are made of the same denim material as overalls, but they hang down as a dress. The front and back connect by suspenders. You typically wear them over a blouse, t-shirt, or crop top. Specifically, the dress overalls that were really popular in the 90s (they’re making a comeback now). I guess you learn something new every day!

So to answer the question, no — a jumper isn’t a jumpsuit. But I can understand why some people may confuse them!

Question: Are Jumpsuits in Style?

Answer: Jumpsuits are a big trend right now, specifically for fall and winter. They were also trending in the summer. To look extra stylish during the cold season, opt for a dark red or maroon jumpsuit instead of a bright red or blush jumpsuit.


So many people love jumpsuits and they’re a major trend. It’s obvious why – jumpsuits are extremely stylish and comfortable. There are different jumpsuit styles and they look good on practically everyone.

If you want to enhance your jumpsuit color wardrobe, you may want to get a red jumpsuit. Be sure to read our jumpsuit styling tips. Make sure your jumpsuit fits.  There are also different jumpsuit lengths to consider. You can wear a red jumpsuit to a special event or to the office, but make sure the jumpsuit fits the occasion. Otherwise, try these red jumpsuit outfit recommendations!

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